Corporate and charity films

Every project has different filming schedules and editing deadlines, so I price each film on an individual basis. I would sit and discuss with you where the filming was taking place, how long we would need, and then give a sense of how quickly the first cut could be seen.

I would also help to create some sort of structure for the film, which reduces the amount we need to gather and speeds up the filming day. With my producer’s cap on, I would also offer help and advice on questions to be asked and scripts to be used. It’s how we create films at the BBC, and yours should be no different.


Filming and editing an event

For weddings, retirement parties and other celebrations, the idea is to provide you with a fast-moving, imaginative, amusing, and sometimes emotional, review of your special day.

Most people opt for a 25-30 minute film edited to the music of their choice, which includes personal messages from friends and family and highlights of the speeches, but you can have more or less depending on your budget. I can also provide the full speeches on a separate DVD.

My filming is unobtrusive: I use a small professional camera so guests do not feel uncomfortable with a lens pressed up in their faces.

To provide you with as much flexibility as possible, I can be at the event for as long as you want – from the preparations to the last dance – it’s all up to you.

What you’ll end up with is something manageable and really enjoyable to watch – even for people who weren’t at the event – perfect for showing in the office to the people you weren’t able to invite.


Editing footage you have filmed

Many people own camcorders and film hour upon hour of footage of holidays, special events and their children growing up. The footage often stays locked in a cupboard on tape, a computer hard drive or even on a VHS cassette, and never gets watched.

I can take that material and edit it into a short film set to the music of your choice so that you have something that I guarantee you’ll get out of the cupboard on a regular basis.

From people’s family histories, a London to Land’s End bike ride, children’s first one or two years of life, or special holidays, the subject matter is completely up to you. As long as you have the footage, I can create a film for you.

“I couldn’t believe how beautiful the film is. I’ve been recommending Jonathan to all my friends – but to be honest, everyone who’s seen Erin’s film has wanted one for themselves anyway!” – Rachel